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Batavia, IL

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Address: 336 McKee St, Batavia IL 60510

Email: cari@renshawfarm.com

Go on....Try our oyster mushrooms. Taste and see the difference in the texture, flavor and appearance from an ordinary button or portabella mushroom. We grow our mushrooms with love in the optimal fungi growing environment, indoors. Our custom grow rooms were built to give our mushrooms the correct amount of light, oxygen, temperature and humidity. There is no comparison in their freshest and our choice of only quality ingredients. Take the foodie challenge, order a pound of mushrooms today and rediscover what mushrooms should taste like.


  • Lauren and Cari are teaching a mushroom growing class at the Morton Arboretum on May 18 at 9am. Sign up today!  https://www.mortonarb.org/courses/grow-your-own-gourmet-mushrooms
  • Lauren and Cari are also going to be teaching more classes through the Batavia Park District in the Summer and Fall months. More information coming soon.


  • The Walrus Room - Geneva
  • Barrel + Rye - Geneva
  • Osteria Bigolaro - Geneva
  • Curds & Whey - Geneva
  • Heritage Prairie Farm - Elburn

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