Cari Shaw

Your Sub-Urban Farmers

Inoculated with the cleanest spawn, incubated in a temperature controlled greenhouse, fruited in high humidity and natural light, picked at the perfect moment and delivered within a day of harvest.

Our Philosophy

​​​​​We want to share our love for the gourmet mushroom by introducing several varieties of oyster mushrooms into our community. We believe in a self-sustaining, chemical free approach to growing mushrooms. Growing them indoors allows us to provide you with clean, fresh, ready to eat mushrooms, requiring minimal prep time. We use only the finest, locally sourced ingredients to grow our mushrooms. Their delicate aging cycle is short so it is our job to deliver our mushrooms to you within hours of harvesting to ensure peak flavor.

Why Oyster Mushrooms

Throughout history, many cultures included multiple varieties of mushrooms in their diets for their delectable taste and health benefits. Americans were introduced to the commercially grown white button mushroom in the late 1970’s.  In most grocery stores today you will still only find button, cremini and portabella mushrooms which are all the same variety harvested in a different stage of its growing cycle.  Additional varieties of gourmet mushrooms are becoming a part of the growing movement to discover new flavors and increase our health consciousness.                 

Batavia, IL

Our Process

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